Below are the Attributes of Top 6 Businesses you can start in Nigeria with 2ook

The business has been topnotch for wonderful persons in the country of Nigeria, Many people, especially in the Country have the mindset that any successful business you see today is a result of a huge amount of capital plunged into it at the beginning. Is that true?

The answer is No, in fact, many entrepreneurs would tell you that they started small most times they

started with a capital of less than two hundred thousand nairas (N200k). This article was made specifically for

you if you have ever thought about starting your own business with limited funds. Here are lucrative

Below are the Attributes of Top 6 Businesses you can start in Nigeria with 2ook

1, Event Planning Service

If you always care about the details or logistics of an event or occasion, then the event planning business might just be the one for you. This business would help you take control of the buildup to an event or occasion. An event organizing firm could be the perfect choice hustle or full-time job choice for you, despite the fact that it requires more than simply local knowledge and organizational abilities. With an N200k investment or less, you may establish an event planning business.

Your business as an event planner can be made easy if you have the necessary devices to connect with your customers which are; A decent phone, and a stable data connection.

Start your business in your home to save money on office space.

2, Social Media Management

Businesses should have a social media presence and be able to communicate with clients online in this day and age. Because not every company can afford to hire a full-time social media manager, many organizations engage freelancers to maintain their social media accounts. If you’re good with social media, this low-cost business opportunity will enable you to use your skills to assist businesses to create content, generating interactions, and gaining followers to boost profitability. Although most businesses would expect you to be well-versed in social media big hitters like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, there are several platforms in which you can specialize.

With N200k only, you could get what you need to succeed in this business. Some of which may be a decent phone, and sufficient data. This business would thrive if you live in an area with a steady power supply.

3, Mini Cyber Cafe

If you have a computer and a printer at your disposal, you could well be on your way to becoming a business owner. In a place where a cybercafe business is scarce, you could establish your business and make money. For instance, if you set up a mini cyber cafe business at a busy place such as at the premises of a higher institution, you could well be going home with at least two thousand naira (N2000) every day.

Another idea is by setting up this business at the bus stop in your area. In 3 – 4 months you could recover a lot of money from it.

With the two two hundred naira, you could buy more laptops, monitors, and printers that were previously used. A new one would probably cost more. Search for a busy location with a constant power supply to set up this business.


4, Barbing Salon

Another business you can start with two hundred thousand (N200k), is a Barbing Salon. Yes, Barbing Salon includes among lucrative businesses you can start in Nigeria with two hundred thousand nairas in Nigeria. 

All you need are:

Two Clippers — Sixteen thousand naira (16,000)

Wooden Chairs — Twelve thousand naira or less (N12,000)

A Couch or two — Fifteen thousand naira or less (15,000)

Large Mirrors — Ten thousand naira or less (N10,000)

Powder, Brushes, Creams, and Dyes — Fifteen thousand naira or less (N15,000).

The remaining money could be spent on miscellaneous expenses that could arise.


5, Freelancing Author

Freelancing could be a terrific small business choice for you if you are a brilliant writer or a detail-oriented editor. The investment of two hundred thousand naira (N200k) in this business is modest if you already have a computer and an Internet connection. The majority of your startup costs for freelancing will come from marketing you to acquire new clients. From writing articles and blog posts to technical writing and training manuals, the possibilities are unlimited. Determine your areas of strength and begin there.


6, Cleaning Service For Houses/Workplaces


Starting a cleaning company can be highly profitable. A cleaning business also takes very little capital of less than two hundred thousand naira (N200k) in Nigeria. A major site of this business is that you do not need any certificate to thrive in this business you only need to know one thing, which is cleaning every other thing is secondary. A cleaning business does not necessitate any formal education or skill development. Working with dangerous cleaning chemicals, however, necessitates familiarity with safety rules and standards. Before you go out and buy materials, make a list of the services you will ll be providing so you can spend your money on the things you will truly need.

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