In this post, Top 5 businesses you can start with 500,000 Naira. we will bring you the wonderful steps to take while sitting your Business.

The business has its best way of improving in-person career and a life-changing opportunity to mankind, that is why this long-awaited write-up was composed to talk about;

Top 5 businesses you can start with 500,000 Naira.

The business has been the ultimate and top-notch in society and has been putting food on the table for the average population in the country, we conducted research and we realized that truly most average Nigerians lived hand to mouth in doing business while the one who has the ability to carry out ideas and initiatives who worked extra mile to read more about their business before embarking on it is mainly those who succeed in doing business and getting it at their peak of the test.

Have you wondered why businesses are surrounded in your area and asked yourself why it is so?

Have u been wondering why some people see business as an act to make more even when they were offered an opportunity to work in office work?

I know you will be in a haste to read the most lucrative business that you can start with 500,000 nairas and yield more profit but I will advise you not to rush towards this content. Take a cool Coca-cola and relax while going through the slide.

Without going too far in making you spend much time reading I will go ahead to list the most five lucrative businesses you can start with just 500,000 and make a huge profit if you utilize these steps am going to show you.

Here is the list, read carefully and put them into practice, and thank me later.



This has been the most effective business that the young boys nowadays are venturing into. Of course, this business can make you rich in a twinkle of an eye if you do it with courage and boldness and also on how to bard hair very well. Barbing has been the talk of the day and has been putting food on several Nigerian’s tables.

Here is the step you can use to be successful in this business and yield more results. 

– Locate a good and busy area and rent your shop.

– Look for a good barber and handle over the store too. If you’re professional and can do very well, then you can handle it on your own.

– Do a flyer and handbills to share with the audience, this will serve as an awareness and will attract more people to your shop to barb hair.



We can never make this list wonderful without mentioning FARMING. Farming is one of the major ways in which one can make a certain huge of money with just 500,000 naira and will see results within a few month’s time even without too much awareness in the business 

All you only need island, get a bricklayer you can construct a pond for you to your taste, also get a plumber and connect the pond, look for a female fish and harsh the eggs then get your feeds ready and start making money.

As a newbie, hashing of fish can be a bit difficult so you have to look and seek approval from a well-experienced expert in the field.

Farming is not only Fish but there is Snail, poultry, and pigs other criteria are more lucrative in fetching money as well but can pollute the environment in terms of ambiance 

If all ideas are Put in place for this FARMING in a period of time you will feel the impact of money.

3. Laundry Service 


The laundry business is one of the best businesses to do at a lesser price in the country. You can even start up a laundry business with at least 400, 000 naira depending on the area anyway.  If you reside in a place like the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja then you need not less than 800k to set up a standard laundry and dry cleaning service.

You will get a standard shop, and the minimum shop you can get in Abuja will cost you not less than 200k per year. Then get a washing and drying machine around 180k get a table, iron, design a signboard, create stickers and flyers for awareness, and make sure you register your business corporate affair commission so as to satisfy that you’re the head owner of the business. 

4. Mini Importation Business 


When you mention business it can’t be complete without mini Importation. This has to do with purchasing items abroad and reselling them here in Nigeria.  This business has been running for years but has only been made known to a few people. Here is how the business goes; 

You register in any of the online shopping agents like amazon, Alibaba, Konga, or any of the international selling companies, purchase the items you needed and pay with your card then locate any of the agents who ships in item from out of the country to Nigeria, negotiate with the client and the good your purchase will be shipped into you and you will pay for the item based on the kg the good weight. No doubt this is a lactating good business that can get you millions if you do it with the mindset to achieve funds. Contact me if you need more knowledge about this.


5. Blogging 


This has taken away many crimes from the youths and has helped so many to archive their goals.

Blogging has to do with innovation, ideas initiatives, and concentration.

You might be asked; what is blogging?

Vlogger or blogging is an act of writing words, photographing, and publishing them on the web for the audience or people to read, you can compose an issue going on in your geopolitical environment and post it in media, of course, you’re a blogger.

If you can compose articles, attach photographs, and post then you have to monetize it through the online way of designing a blog so you can write all those things and it will fetch you huge money if you do it with a passion that you will fetch money from it.

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