I believe you know the details of this wonderful post and how it will help you in your business.  The poultry farm is the best lucrative business when come happens in Nigeria because the research was conducted that an average of 100000 Nigerians Consume chicken on a daily basis and we realize that this business is the best business especially when it had to do or open in this country Nigeria.

Don’t forget that this business is related to the Rearing of Animals such as pigs snails, fishes and so on but we will only concentrate on poultry which is the Chickens.
Chickens can only find their way to be a very lucrative business only if the individual who owns it was able to go through the right circumstances and the obligation it took to handle this business, if you’re a type of person who doesn’t normally make out chances and doesn’t have time for running this wonderful business but you have the zeal to have one please kindly employe a staff who you felt he had full knowledge about it because doing so will enable you to overcome some challenges when the time comes.
I have seen different scenarios where some persons who wish to invest in this wonderful business later backside and go out of the track because of one issue or the other, mind you that every lucrative business has good and bad which sounds as the disadvantage and advantages and before you can call yourself a good business strategy and business entrepreneur you should understand all these and keep your ball rolling. 

Here is another wonderful and lucrative business to talk about with less capital, I will be writing on this topic to enlighten and update you on certain things that are purely hidden in this business and after the reading, you will sit up in the field and do the doable things to be at the top.

When trying to set up this business, you’re to be informed that a Poultry farm has many advantages and disadvantages as well but that shouldn’t discourage you from carrying out your business.

The best thing about this business is that it doesn’t require huge capital to start up and the location of setting it up is not a hard knot to crack, tho wisdom Is required.


I will do more writing on bothering the negative and positive aspects of theism particular business so to clear your mindset of what you want to take off with, if you wouldn’t mind, I will like you to take those little tips very seriously and adapt to changes.


Starting from the poultry house, there are things to do which are, set up a poultry house, get the feeds for the farm required, get their drugs for the Chickens and lastly, try to get a conducive and neat environment for the Chickens. 

Here are the things to understand before going into Poultry Farm 

When setting up a poultry farm, if you have the money you can build a house in form of a warehouse, fence it, and use a strong net to attach to the fence in other to make sure that Snakes and dangerous animals will not have access to the poultry. Get at least 5 bags of feed, to begin with, get the drugs that they use for sickness protection that can lead to death, and make sure that there is a connection of light in the building because chickens always like walking around even at midnight. 

But if you are not that equipped with funds, get a cage and look for a carpenter that has experience on how to draft out the proper shape and the number of contents on the business you’re are about to carry out which is the amount of chicken that can contain in the cage. After that, make sure you also look for a way to link electricity light in the cage, chickens like to play with light at night and this can act as an act of preservation as well.

And lastly, Endeavor to get a good location where the people living around you will get good details of what you are doing, it will help you to excel in your farming business and grow more awareness.


I have heard a scenario when people will be training up chickens and along the line, you found out that 60% of the chicken are dead, in this worst scenario you will understand that improper and inadequate care was what lead to the cause.

The best way to own and manage a chicken is what is enlightened above and if proper actions regarding the things I said concerning this post are put in place I urge you that you will make it big in the poultry farm business.

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