How to set up a laundry service


Laundry service Business and dry cleaning service is a good investment to look into and a well-suitable business that can be run unisex, that is a male or female can do it and the result will be archived.

Most times How setting up Laundry and dry cleaning businesses doesn’t require much money before one can participate in them, rather it requires your knowledge about the business you want to go into and how well and prepared you are for it.

This very Topic on How to set up a laundry service Business will though more light on all you have to know about the laundry and dry cleaning service business in Nigeria


I have heard some certain complaints about Laundry services and how people react to it when there is no customer to patronize them in their services, but I will tell you this. The business has its own good side and bad, but a negative mindset should not be your wish when embarking on one.

So many times people do ask, how much can I generate if I set up this laundry business and how will I be able to archive my dreams through this business; the answer is. Begin now.                                      

I have also come across scenarios where people will open business and abandon it due to low patronage, if you’re one of these categories, then know that you’re doing the wrong things and you need to sit up and buckle your shoe because the country nowadays is not what one will feel reluctant about a popular business because you’re not the only person handling the business.


Below are the questions some people do ask before setting their mindset about this and  How to set up a laundry service Business.

How much can I make if I start my own laundry service and how do I get the experience to set it up?

And at what point do I raise huge money to set this up.?

How do I go about this business and how do I get a mentor to put me through?

Can I start this business while schooling?

Am still single, so how possible that this business will give me time to find a man of my own.?

Before I will go on this post I will like to take those questions above one after the other so that you can get a clear point of what you are going into.


1. You’re not assigned to any particular money or limit that you are going to make., you can make millions on this business but all that matters a lot is how you set up the business and the species you put in place to make yours more good accretive and best than others, the experience part of it is that, if you don’t have experience,  you can employ an expert to handle it while you pay him for the work he or she will do.


2. At what point you are to raise money is not a big deal.. if you’re under your parent you can as well set this up if you’re no longer your parents, you can also do so. But mostly if you’re to calculate what you spend each day and minimize your budget, you can get the tools needed for this one after the other, it must not be to gather all the tools required at a time if you’re to look for a person to put you through,  kindly click on my contacts us page and we will direct you on how to go about it.


3. You can set up laundry and dry cleaning business while schooling of course and you will make a huge income also.  If you begin this business and along the line, your business expands, then you can seek an employee to do some of the work, while you’re off from school to continue from where your stop.

5. Whether single or married, the laundry business doesn’t have or select any gender. It can be carried out by a single or married gender.. what matters most is how you’ve tied to the work and your daily plan both on the job and your daily lifestyle.


3 getting a mentor who will mentor you about this business is not much. the world is advanced now.. you can watch Youtube, and follow up on some tutorials to begging by example.

Finally, the cost for setting up this laundry and dry cleaning service will not cost that big but it will range from 300 to 500k depending on the location.

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