How to set up a provision Business.

1. What is Provision?

2. What are the guidelines I need to set up this business?

3. Can it fetch me money?

4. How can I set up this business?


Before we will start to explain the four above questions about this great topic we will not hesitate to show you the full details you need to know.

When talking or planning about a fast-moving business that can move very fast, then Provision business is what you are to talk about.

In this nature of business, it’s so overrated that the business is strictly seen as an advanced men and women business, but that is not it.

it might be seen so because teenagers don’t really know how to make the business the order of the day because they felt that there is not much income from it.

but will brief you on the right way to take in others to make it big in this business.

What is provision business all about?

Provision is simply said to be an item or goods supplied for future use not only that but a profitable business too

This simply means that if you’re starting businesses like cosmetics, teas, snacks, or anything that is stored for future consumption or use; then it’s a provision Business.

Provision business has so many challenges to look into as well, such as; buying items that are popular demand in the visibility where your shop is.

for a provision to move market very quickly to your final consumer, you are to make sure that the items in your msj]hop are most wanted from the people living around you, else; they will end up being a waste in your shop if they expire.

What are the guidelines I need to set up this business?

Setting up this business is not a long way nor needs too much strategy to carry out, but an accurate measure is expected to cover.

When setting up this business you are to have the idea of what the provision is all about and the need to set it up, always make sure that your store is located in a well-populated area with not many provisions around.

doing so will enable you to make good sales at every point of interaction with the customers.

always read the mind of the people in your Visibility and provide them with the suitable items they wanted and you will see how fast your business will be moving and you will be able to go and get new items needed in the shop with keeping old stock.

3. Can it fetch me money?

mostly in terms of business, every beginning of a business-minded person/ entrepreneur is to get a business that will fetch him or her much money, Provision business will get you good money only if you will work hard to prove what you have to your customers.

at times you can come out to make some sales in the morning but you will realize that you were not able to see customers then you will try to understand that you need to equip your shop with the necessities that customers want from you.

How much can set up this Business?

to set up a provision business does not require you to sell all you can before you can be a partaker of this business. but I will drop can cost of the rough estimate of the price it can cost you.

setting up a provision business will need you to find a good Shop with an iron door and good iron protector to keep you safe from thieves and pickpockets, get a good table, and a good deep freezer. and a good generator but if you live in a place like FCT, Abuja in the capital territory, then you don’t need Generator for now.

after all these things are in place, try to get a sum of 500,000 naira to equip your shop with, if you have up to 300,000 naira, it can also go a long way to start up.


Change doesn’t make people, rather people mks change, start a business that will grow by starting from a point.

and sooner your pint will be made and you will fulfill your entrepreneurship mindset.

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Okey Nwachukwu is a writer and a blogger at trouperblog, he hails from Imo State Nigeria.

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