How to set up a lucrative

barbing salon Business 500,000

lucrative barbing salon Business in Nigeria has been noted as the fasting moving business in the country, not only in Nigeria both also beyond, most graduates find it too difficult to stick to this business just because they have not understood it very well before rushing towards it, not only graduates but also the undergraduates.

In setting up a lucrative barbing salon Business that will have to take the amount of 500,000 you need to understand that many ideas require much attention.

when it has to do with business or planning the best business you can set up for yourself, then I will suggest you try barbing salon.


I have heard many scenarios when people deliberate on the kind of business that will fetch them money and also give them to take care of themselves, while some persons always like a business which will fetch them huge money and they don’t mind the stress that they will face ahead in the field.

my write-up about these will touch on all angles and areas you are supposed to know before setting up this lucrative business.

Below are the things you need to know before setting up a Barbers shop which is mainly called barbing saloon 


1. Get a good Location: location is the most important thing to consider before planning or setting up a good business, of course, this has to do with the area that can attract the customers most so as the patronage will be highly huge and more income will be generated. when selecting your location, there are two things you will bear in mind

A good and well junction or recognized plaza: this is where mistakes come when choosing a good business, some persons will love to get a space at a low turn up area and will be expecting a huge income,  in business, there is one thing you should note is; you can’t give what you do not have, the earlier you get a good place to do your business the more income and good customers you make from it and the profitable you become in your business.


I could remember when I was about to set up my POS shop, I was searching for a good landmark for my business, not knowing fully well that the area I lives is enough landmark to set up my POS shop, but I went further hoping that I can get a better place until another one sets up his on POS joint in front of my house, what a coincident I decided to take a deep breath to consider how to do something different from what he is doing, then after finding the solution to the business I was able to come up with an idea, and excel on my own business as well, so from this scenario what am I trying to express is that when you have the opportunity to set up something, don’t delay, other people will take over your chance.


2. Run an advert: in every business, you are about to carry out, it is always advised to run an advertisement on that particular business so as to inform the audience that you’re setting up a business and you will need or solicit for their patronage, doing so will make you grow in your business

there are different kinds of advertisements, you can do Facebook advertisements, Twitter adverts Instagram, or even youtube advertisements so as to reach out to the audience.


3. Do flyers and handbills: these are under flyers as well, setting up a good barbing salon, you will have to design good flyers and handbills to share around your visibility to inform them that you have set up a business around them and you’re soliciting for their support and patronage to your business.

how much can I use to start up this Barbing salon business here in Nigeria and how do I get the breakdown??

starting a barbing salon business will cost a little sum of money but in a big city like Abuja, Lagos, and Portharcourt it will cost you not less than 1 million naira to start.

there are some areas in Abuja that to only secure a Shop space you will need to pay not less than 400 to 500k annually and this will go a long way to hinder someone from achieving his desired dream same thing goes for port Harcourt, so when planning to start up this business, we might not get a concrete answer to tell you the cost it will take you to get a shop but will give you the rough estimates you will need to get a start-up.

Below are the little breakdown and the price you should have in mind before planning to set up this lucrative business                                      

A good shop can cost you at least 100k.

Clippers 15k.

Signpost 10k.

Generator 60k.

Steriliser 40k

Air conditioner (A.C) 120k.

Front mirror 30k

Chairs (stainless 3in1 45k) plus one 3 rotating chairs for customers 50k

Home theater 30k

if you have your calculator with you, you will find out that all these items listed here will give you the sum of 500,000k and it will go a long way to set up your business and you will grow profit. the reason, why you must attach a Home theater is that you will need to play music and entertain your Visitors,

note: this content is suggested to be changed and will be updated if more research is carried out.


All those content about how to set up a  lucrative barbing salon Business with 500,000 is more essential and one has to be careful with it especially when it comes to Clippers and sterilizer that has to do with Health.

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