Common 3 mistakes people

make in Event Business

Event is no doubt the best and most lucrative business to talk about but also mapped as the key to generating

Money when it comes to dealing with funds generating. The event is well observed and Determined to generate more funds and reach out to the audience in terms of media broadcasting and information and gathering.

I have come several across events and I realized that the best way to host an event is by running publicity stunts and advertising 

I have been wondering why some people will host and even in an interior bush sometimes in a place where k own can access them nor know what is happening,  you and I know that those sorts of the event have nothing to offer or impact to make in you as an event planner. 


But with my words today concerning this wonderful topic, I believe that you will learn a lot and sit up so that you will not go back to your ways insta3d you will amend and sit up.

Are you in a haste? You shouldn’t be in haste while reading this content, instead, I will like you to have a chilled coca cola sit and relax while we feed you with this wonderful topic on how to make progress in your business.

There are various mistakes people often make when trying to host an event that nearly drags them to the mud

Before you partake in any event, either you’re selected among the committee of your choosing to assist in any kind, maybe you’re a novice and you were given the post of a logistics, and you don’t know what the word Logistics means, don’t panic as long as you’re in this post you will have all the necessary information you need at your fingertips concerning event matter.

There are so many criteria that make up an event which I will be listed here and I will go on to explain them one after the other to clear your mindset and know the criteria they belong in an event.

Below are the criteria that make up an event in event planning which people make a lot of mistakes if not included


1. Committee

This is the group of persons who came together to analyze and carry out the even in any particular event ground, they are been assigned each task and they will ascertain to carry out the specific task been assigned to each and every one of them.


Logistics: logistic management is all about the integrated planning control of the total event and also in charge of moving goods, or merchandise equipment and people to make sure that the even site was set up and time and people were all available and occupied the event hall with proper availability needed to set in place.


2. Get a good DJ

The disk jockey(D.J) has its own major role to play when it comes to event planning and hosting, so you should take proper action to set a DJ in place. DJs on occasions cover up the dancing period of either the bride or the groom and as well the dancing hours of any event, not only that but will cover up in terms of microphone assistance, red carpet jingles, and so on.


3. Welfare 

Welfare is one of the major things that can make an event collapse. In any event in the country, be it a wedding ceremony, child dedication, end of the year party, or age grad ceremony kindly make sure that Prosper and adequate welfare for the audience are well in place.

Welfares can be of so many standards such as Food, security, a healthy environment, and of course transportation to cover up the audience who showed up to patronize you in your event. When those things are put in place, then you have secured the welfare of your audience.


Event is good business to go into when you have the right sources, energy, and ability to handle, it doesn’t only has to do with partying, it also boils down to ceremonies such as Burial, traditional attires, end of the year party and even child dedication, anchoring of event has been one of the best and scarce business to look into, Nigerians today are full of activities and needed to go deep into events because one needs to do a good business to fetch him cool cash and event is one of it, when you acquire the knowledge of even you will make a good living and achieve your desire though it without wasting much of your time. Think about Event business and think about progressing in business.

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